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Live entries from this server's maillog: Compile and install according to sendmail's libmilter/README instructions. Place skem.8 (or skem.8.gz or .bz2) under the appropriate man-directory (/usr/local/man/man8 ?) and read it with ``man skem'' for more information. The current man-page is also available in HTML format at FreeBSD users should use the mail/milter-skem port of skem.

Below are a few of the most recent entries by skem in the maillog of this server. This is as close as it gets to a screenshot for this kind of software :-)

This server uses SpamAssassin (X points vs. the limit of 9), various spam-trap addresses ("wrong address, spammer"), and SpamProbe (a Bayesian filter I like). All of these methods log the offending (or suspected) IP address and the logwatcher part of skem picks them up creating the bans -- permanent in case of a triggered spam-trap, temporary for other cases.

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